Anno Dracula – Book Review

3 out of 5 stars

Victorian London, 1888. Dracula has married Queen Victoria and vampires have become public knowledge. Not only do the warm (living people) know about their existence, but it has become socially acceptable in London society to receive the Dark Kiss and join the undead. And it’s not just the upper class turning, street urchins can change too for a little blood. Vampires are slowly filling all the political ranks and streets and the living are becoming the minority.

There will always be resistance to the new regime and the mascot of this small, unidentifiable resistance is Jack the Ripper. He kills vampire prostitutes in the slums and has all vampires on high alert.

Genevieve is an ancient vampire of a pure bloodline. Not of that diseased creature, Vlad Tepes and his ill-begotten children. She works in Whitechapel as a physician. She takes care of the lowly prostitutes that the Ripper is targeting. She tries to save everyone that she comes across human or vampire. Despite being old, even by vampire standards, she has not become cold to humanity.

Charles Beauregard works for a human high society secret club. The Diogenes Club. They have sent him to find out all he can about the Ripper.

Separately, they are both great characters. Together, they do decent detective work. Their interaction with one another is more entertaining than their quest to identify the Ripper. But, overall I enjoyed my time with them both.

There is an info dump in the beginning of approximately 80-85 pages and that almost put me off of reading it entirely. I persevered through however and was rewarded for it. This isn’t anything mind blowing but I would suggest giving it a chance if you like historical fiction, horror, vampires and appearances of other legendary classic literature characters.

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