Autumn Pup

We brought Samus home on October 18th, 2014. Who remembers the exact day they bring home an animal? This girl. In this case, mostly because my grandfather, who was incredibly important to me, passed away just 3 days before. My husband thought that I needed someone who wouldn’t let me dwell in my grief. Ozzy was an adult and the best grief supporter but his support means snuggling with you while you cry and don’t move for hours. Samus forced me to focus on someone besides myself and I do think, retrospectively, that is was a wise decision on my husband’s part. My depression would have been much worse than it already was and it took a long time to get back to being myself afterwards. I shudder to think how bad it could have been if I didn’t have someone demanding attention of me constantly.

That being said, of course it was the perfect time of the year for adorable sweaters for cute puppies with short fur in a cold environment. Hell, I won’t lie, she’ll probably get a new one this year too.



18 thoughts on “Autumn Pup

  1. I have never underestimated the power of a four legged, furry creature to drag me from the depths. Even if they’re just putting up with me crying on them…barely, they still seem to come around when I’m at my lowest. Also I want to make sweaters for sphynxes. I don’t have a sphynx, but I want to make them sweaters. Poor, naked babies.

      1. I’ve wanted a puppy for years, but I know I can’t afford a dog right now. I also have cats so if I did get one, it would be an older one not a puppy since puppies drive cats up the wall with their energetic nonsense lol. I’m cool with that though since puppies are usually adopted first whereas older dog’s often linger.

      2. They definitely aren’t cheap! Said pup Samus has had a rough time keeping food down lately but the vet thinks she’s developed an allergy to the main protein in her diet. Which means a ‘bland diet’ for a few days and then incorporating a new food and seeing how she does. This is the cheapest option too. When I get old, I’m only adopting senior dogs. Because I would worry what would happen to them when I’m gone.

      3. And it would be totally unfair for me to adopt a dog right now because of that reason. I love animals, and I want to be able to give them the care they deserve. My one cat is getting up there in age. He’s still healthy, grumpy, and running the house, but he is 13 this year so I’m expecting his cost of care to go up at some point.

      4. Yep. Hell if I could I’d have smaller animals, too. I love rats and guinea pigs and the like, but rats would get super stressed with the kitties, and I wouldn’t do that to them, poor things. They don’t live very long either because we bred them to get sick for science 😡

      5. Yes. I had a rat once and she was a great pet! But she did not live long enough at all. My cat got into her cage and she beat the shit outta the cat and the cat never messed with her again. But my cat is a sissy and I don’t recommend bringing in a rat just in case it might be an uber bad ass lol.

      6. They’re kind of like furry potatoes. My friend was the resident rat lady for a while until she couldn’t take the heartbreak of them dying so soon. She had this huge guy named Oscar. It was so weird holding him! With cats they have prominent back lets, but rats are kind of like fuzzy balls lol. I was afraid I was going to hurt him. This rat was gigantic like bigger than a guinea pig.

      7. Mine was a medium sized white rat with red eyes. She cruised around in the pocket of my hoodie all the time. Or just hung out in there while I would play World of Warcraft for hours. Or she’d made a nest in my husband’s hair and chill there. (He has long heavy metal hair.) I miss her. My husband says that no other rat will ever compare so we can’t get another one. =/

      8. I understand that feeling. I will be an absolute wreck when my fat, orange guy Kin-mei goes. I’ve had him since he was a kitten. He was adopted with my old roommate, and I almost “lost” him because her and her boyfriend were getting a place together, and we all agreed it would be better for him to stay with two people he knew rather than one. Then they broke up right before the lease was up (thank god), and she moved to a place that didn’t allow cats. So I’ve had him since and I have no regrets. I love that grumpy old man even though he kind of hates me now for getting Cid lol.

  2. ❤ Samus was just as lucky to have you as you were to have her. 🙂 And Ozzy is hands down one of the most empathetic animals I have ever met. He's provided me with a shoulder to cry on before too. You have good-hearted little (well, not so "little") fur babies. 😛

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