Wicked As They Come – Book Review

4 out 5 stars

The problem with UF books is that they are short but powerful enough to really suck you in. Therefore, I can hardly ever manage to properly review one. There is no time for notes my good man! I crash through the book and then think it over for a little while afterwards, then attempt to write a decent review.

*Clears throat*

This was better than I expected. A good friend recommended it to me quite some time ago but I only recently got around to reading it after it went on sale on the Kindle.

Letitia Paisley Everett becomes entangled in two completely different worlds after a “chance” encounter with an antique locket at an estate sale.
In the world she knows, she’s a nurse who takes care of elderly at home patients like her own feisty grandmother. She recently left a controlling and abusive relationship and is working on finding herself again.
In the second world, she’s thrust into the arms of a charming and sexy man named Criminy Stain. He runs a gypsy caravan that travels through the countryside entertaining folks. He’s also a Bludman. Think vampire but without any of inconvenient side effects. Most of the creatures in his world run on blood, even the bunnies constantly nipping at Letitia’s ankles.
There are humans in his world too, Pinkies as it were and they suppress all Bludmen, Bludwomen and Bludchildren. And the leader of the nearest city wants Letitia’s locket to bring a plaque down upon all Bludpeople. His own jolly little genocide.

Jumping from world to world, can Letitia save everyone she loves and an entire race of people at the same time?

Guess you’ll have to read it to find out.


14 thoughts on “Wicked As They Come – Book Review

      1. This is exactly what I need to hear. I haven’t read about a sexy vampire since Jean-Claude in the Anita Blake series. Ah no that’s a lie. I did get most of the way through Anne Rice’s new Lestat book. Still need to finish that.

      2. Just to maybe make your list grow even more, have you tried the Night Huntress series by Jeanine Frost? Halfway to the Grave is the first book and the vampire male lead is excellent. (Actually the whole series is pretty excellent.)

      3. Damn! It had me at “vampire bounty hunter.” At first I thought he was a bounty hunter who went after vampires, then I realized “vampire” was modifying “bounty hunter,” and that makes me think of Vampire Hunter D who’s half vampire and hot as anything I’ve ever seen *drools*

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