The Time is Nigh

I’ve held out long enough. Despite the fact that autumn is officially only 7 days from now, I’ve decided to get this party started.

My first pumpkin treat of the year was this:


It wasn’t bad but kind of meh. It got old after a couple of bites.

This bad boy though:


My husband surprised my BFF and I with these. I’m not a big Starbucks fan but their frappuccinos available in stores are on point. Especially this one. YUM.

I’ve begun my paranormal/horror books marathon with The Girl With All The Gifts. I have a good number of book reviews from years past to post as well.

So. Much. Excite.

Let the spooky shenanigans begin!



14 thoughts on “The Time is Nigh

  1. They have pumpkin spice frappuccino?? Whaaaaat?! I want to try that…i”m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice, but I don’t hate it, and that looks good. There are already pumpkins at my local grocery store. I nearly bought one. The weather is autumny enough.

      1. I love Greek yogurt and usually go for Oikos if it’s on sale. One of the stores around here has a decent store brand, but I can’t remember which one hehe. I usually like black cherry, but I’ll give pumpkin spice a try once.

      2. Ooooooh yes, I need to find the apple pie one. I have a feeling it might be seasonal like the apple pie English muffins Thomas’ has. I tend to like yogurt with fruit on the bottom. I’m late to the yogurt club actually. I couldn’t stand the sight of it in grade school, and for some reason I thought it was spoiled milk? Who knows. I got older, a little wiser, and figured out it was a pretty cheap snack.

      3. They also have these weird see through cups now! At least that’s just what my husband brought home from the market today. I usually eat them as an afternoon snack to get me through the rest of the work day.

  2. Pumpkin Spice is life. Everything about this time of the year is to do with that warming hum of spices and filling-ness of root veg goodness! But some treats just don’t hit it!
    Let the horror reading madness begin! Hehe x

      1. Yeah, even the free horror movie selection OnDemand was sorely lacking. I’m sure once October hits the horror films will be (rightfully so) out in full force. 😀

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