Summer Endings

Summer is wrapping up here in Michigan. (Or so I hope. I’m over this summer.)

So when saying goodbye to summer and hello to Autumn, I thought I would post pictures I got of a Luna Moth several years ago when we lived in our apartment. Also, I was inspired to post it because this year has been the year of the Praying Mantis for me. I hadn’t seen any of those in years and I’ve recently seen 3 in two weeks. A lot of insects suck, but some of them kick so much ass that they should be appreciated. You don’t see Luna moths that often around here so it was a real treat to come home from hanging out with my book club gals and see this big beautiful bastard hanging out on the window of the stairwell.




5 thoughts on “Summer Endings

  1. Omg they’re beautiful, and that still would’ve scared the crap out of me lol. I’m weird about insects. I think moths are creepy-cute. I’d never hurt one, because I’m not a jackass, but I wouldn’t want one fluttering around me. I feel the same way about praying mantises. Those dudes are awesome, but I’m still a little freaked out by them. Have you seen the adorable pink and yellow moth that’s been floating around the internet? I kind of want to pet it, but I also kind of want to scream.

    1. I have not seen that moth. (Will have to go check in a bit.) The Luna moth was like 20 feet in the air and on the outside of the window so I was free from possible harassment. The really giant praying mantis that I recently saw, I used a stick to move because she was intimidating. But a friend told me recently that sighting a praying mantis is supposed to bring good fortune and I’ve seen 3 so here’s to hoping lol.

      1. It’s called the Rosy Maple Moth. Whoohoo Google! I got a little jumpy just looking at pictures of it hehe. Ah me and bugs. My friend used to work for the exterminator company that services my apartment building, and he told me I didn’t want to know the horror stories. I didn’t ask, because I would move lol. I’ve never seen anything living, but there have been a few dead, horrifying critters around. I can’t even deal with that.

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