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NOS4A2 – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

I know it’s not fair to compare a newer author with their legendary author parent, but I’m doing it anyway.

Once upon a time, I used to really enjoy Stephen King books. Then there came a time when I began to feel that King wasn’t really trying anymore. He had a famous name so he could crap something out and people would praise his genius, regardless of if it was actually good or not. I was not one of those people. I was still a teenager when I dumped King. He and I were not seeing eye to eye anymore. I began to feel that his characters were repetitive from book to book, not to mention just down right boring. If I don’t care what happens to your characters, how is it going to effect me when something bad happens to them? It’s not. And if I can skip to about the middle of your book and feel like I haven’t missed anything important, then you’re spending too much time building crappy worlds and crappier plot lines.
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Comics – A Review

Well look, I’m not very good a reviewing comic books. I like them. I indulge in them sporadically. I have no idea how to write a review about them. So here are a couple that I’ve recently enjoyed to a great extent (I rated both 5 stars) and that you should check out if comic books are your thing:


Horror/paranormal: Synopsis here.


Fantasy/sci-fi: Synopsis here.

What comic books do YOU enjoy?

Tid Bits

It’s funny how sometimes you just remember some random ass part of your dream from the night before and nothing else.

This morning I remember swimming in a large indoor pool with a baby macaque monkey in a diaper. He kept shitting his diapers and I just kept swimming in the pool with him.

That’s it. Now I’m stuck here wondering why I wasn’t as grossed out in my dream as I am now. Why did I keep swimming in that poop water?


Anno Dracula – Book Review

3 out of 5 stars

Victorian London, 1888. Dracula has married Queen Victoria and vampires have become public knowledge. Not only do the warm (living people) know about their existence, but it has become socially acceptable in London society to receive the Dark Kiss and join the undead. And it’s not just the upper class turning, street urchins can change too for a little blood. Vampires are slowly filling all the political ranks and streets and the living are becoming the minority.

There will always be resistance to the new regime and the mascot of this small, unidentifiable resistance is Jack the Ripper. He kills vampire prostitutes in the slums and has all vampires on high alert.

Genevieve is an ancient vampire of a pure bloodline. Not of that diseased creature, Vlad Tepes and his ill-begotten children. She works in Whitechapel as a physician. She takes care of the lowly prostitutes that the Ripper is targeting. She tries to save everyone that she comes across human or vampire. Despite being old, even by vampire standards, she has not become cold to humanity.

Charles Beauregard works for a human high society secret club. The Diogenes Club. They have sent him to find out all he can about the Ripper.

Separately, they are both great characters. Together, they do decent detective work. Their interaction with one another is more entertaining than their quest to identify the Ripper. But, overall I enjoyed my time with them both.

There is an info dump in the beginning of approximately 80-85 pages and that almost put me off of reading it entirely. I persevered through however and was rewarded for it. This isn’t anything mind blowing but I would suggest giving it a chance if you like historical fiction, horror, vampires and appearances of other legendary classic literature characters.

The Girl With All the Gifts – Book Review

I’ve read a lot of zombie apocalypse novels. A lot. There have been so many variations and so many different origin stories. Some good, some horribly, horribly bad. Then there are the ones that don’t really offer anything new, and poor characterization. These are the most disappointing of the bunch. There are so many things you can do with a zombie apocalypse that it blows my mind when an author manages to make you sleepy at the end of the world.

This novel has a small, boring bump around the 100 page mark but other than that, it was an original zombie apocalypse tale. Persevere, it’s worth it.


That’s me at the very end of the novel.

There’s a strange little girl, a creepy military dude, an angst ridden teacher and a doctor that is dying to slice open the little girl’s brain. What more of a description do you really need from me?

I swear that I’m not being lazy by not giving you any hints of the plot line. Some things are just better savored for oneself.

Now that being said, I wasn’t blown away in awe like a lot of other people either. I didn’t cry at any part, as much as some people swear that it’s so human it will make you cry.
Maybe my heart is just dead, but I still love puppies so I doubt it.

Owl Facts

People post really stupid shit on Facebook. I’m sure you’ve all seen it more times than you care to count. So I decided that on my personal page I was going to start posting interesting facts. This way people learn things instead of reading countless stupid political opinions of people talking out of their asses about things they don’t really know about.

I have what is developing to be, an unhealthy obsession with owls. (See top of blog site for proof. I don’t like the layout of the page but there is an owl so it stays.) My first interesting fact ended up being about owls. I know a lot about owls and there were new things I was still learning. It was so exciting! What is more Halloween than owls? I mean, they puke up the fur and skeletons of their victims, so naturally it seemed appropriate that they get their own blog post.

  • The eyes of owls are not true “eyeballs.” Their tube-shaped eyes are completely immobile, providing binocular vision which fully focuses on their prey and boosts depth perception.

  • Owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees. A blood-pooling system collects blood to power their brains and eyes when neck movement cuts off circulation.

  • A group of owls is called a parliament. This originates from C.S. Lewis’ description of a meeting of owls in The Chronicles of Narnia. (I knew the group name but not it’s origins!)

  • Owls feed the strongest baby first. That means if food is scarce, the youngest sibling starves to death.

  • In ancient Greece, the Little Owl was a companion of Athena, the greek goddess of wisdom, which is one reason why owls symbolizes learning and knowledge. But Athena was also a war goddess and the owl was considered the protector of armies going to war. If Greek soldiers saw an owl fly during battle, they took it as a sign for coming victory.

  • They are also seen as a symbol of death. From ancient times and on, they have been linked with death, evil, and other superstitions. Owls have been associated with witches and other so-called evil beings. While this may sound like Halloween fun, many cultures still have superstitions about owls and in some places, owls are killed based on those beliefs.

  • In Japan, there are owl cafes where you can hang out with owls while drinking tea.

Who, who, who’d have thought learning was so exciting?!


Moist Pumpkin Bread

Did I really need to distinguish this as ‘moist’? Why yes, I did. Because it was the moistestess bread I ever did eat. In fact, everyone proudly proclaimed it as, “like eating a pumpkin pie.”

So if you make this, don’t be too surprised if the loaf flattens out a little bit. It shrank down to about 2 and 1/2 inches thick. This could partially be because I was forced to plop it over on the top to get it out of the pan. Regardless of looks, it was the tastiest pumpkin bread I’ve had to date.



Recipe Here

House of Corruption – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars


I can’t give you a proper review on this one because I read it before I started reviewing books. But, it was so damn good that I can’t forget to include it in my horror recommendations. I believe the only thing I wrote review wise at the time was, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

If you’ve been missing horror of the more classic caliber, then this my friends, is for you.

“In 1890s New Orleans, three unusual men cross paths: Reynard LaCroix, his lycanthropy in remission with a silver bullet lodged against his heart; Artémius Savoy, a lapsed secular priest keeping vigil over Reynard’s progress; and Mahonri Grant, a Mormon gunslinger on the run.

Brought together by murder, united in a common cause, they pursue an unholy creature to save a young woman’s life.

Their dangerous road leads to the dark jungles of Borneo, where awaits an abhorrent mansion in the wilderness. There they must confront a host of the undead…and face the demons within themselves.”

Autumn Pup

We brought Samus home on October 18th, 2014. Who remembers the exact day they bring home an animal? This girl. In this case, mostly because my grandfather, who was incredibly important to me, passed away just 3 days before. My husband thought that I needed someone who wouldn’t let me dwell in my grief. Ozzy was an adult and the best grief supporter but his support means snuggling with you while you cry and don’t move for hours. Samus forced me to focus on someone besides myself and I do think, retrospectively, that is was a wise decision on my husband’s part. My depression would have been much worse than it already was and it took a long time to get back to being myself afterwards. I shudder to think how bad it could have been if I didn’t have someone demanding attention of me constantly.

That being said, of course it was the perfect time of the year for adorable sweaters for cute puppies with short fur in a cold environment. Hell, I won’t lie, she’ll probably get a new one this year too.



Wicked As They Come – Book Review

4 out 5 stars

The problem with UF books is that they are short but powerful enough to really suck you in. Therefore, I can hardly ever manage to properly review one. There is no time for notes my good man! I crash through the book and then think it over for a little while afterwards, then attempt to write a decent review.

*Clears throat*

This was better than I expected. A good friend recommended it to me quite some time ago but I only recently got around to reading it after it went on sale on the Kindle.

Letitia Paisley Everett becomes entangled in two completely different worlds after a “chance” encounter with an antique locket at an estate sale.
In the world she knows, she’s a nurse who takes care of elderly at home patients like her own feisty grandmother. She recently left a controlling and abusive relationship and is working on finding herself again.
In the second world, she’s thrust into the arms of a charming and sexy man named Criminy Stain. He runs a gypsy caravan that travels through the countryside entertaining folks. He’s also a Bludman. Think vampire but without any of inconvenient side effects. Most of the creatures in his world run on blood, even the bunnies constantly nipping at Letitia’s ankles.
There are humans in his world too, Pinkies as it were and they suppress all Bludmen, Bludwomen and Bludchildren. And the leader of the nearest city wants Letitia’s locket to bring a plaque down upon all Bludpeople. His own jolly little genocide.

Jumping from world to world, can Letitia save everyone she loves and an entire race of people at the same time?

Guess you’ll have to read it to find out.