The Final Empire – Book Review


This book.

Good god.

Listen, I’m a sucker for a good rebellion. One thing that annoys me? When books throw down a rebellion in days/weeks and of course everything goes well. The evil empire is toppled and everyone goes on their merry ways. End of book, end of me caring about anything else you write. But not good ol’ Mr. Sanderson, he knows his stuff. This group plans to overthrow the current government in one year’s time, a much more realistic goal and this first book in the trilogy covers around the first six months of planning the rebellion. Guess what else? Not all goes swimmingly. There are major setbacks. This rebellion could very well fail and it makes my heart squeal with joy. I like being surprised, I like not knowing the possible outcomes of each decision, I really like being in on the workings of a rebellion from the beginning.

Now let’s talk this magic system…Holy shit balls! Unique, unique, unique. I couldn’t possibly do it justice trying to explain how it works but it is unlike anything that I have read before.

The Final Empire itself is a world of soot and ash that floats down from the sky, emblazoned by a red sun. Creatures called Mistwraiths, creatures made up of the bones of corpses they devour, rule the nights along with the mist that creeps in at dusk. The nobility rents their slaves (the skaa) from the Lord Ruler (he calls himself a god and rules the empire) and force the skaa to work their fields. The skaa are rewarded with quaint hovels to live in and meager food to survive on. If their daughters are pretty, it is considered a curse as they will most likely be taken aware by their masters and killed a few weeks later when the master is done using them as he will. I mean, who wouldn’t find this world depressing and want to rise up against it?

Our main character Vin didn’t. She was just trying to survive the streets in a thieving crew after her brother disappeared on her. She kept to the shadows and tried to be completely forgettable. The less anyone paid attention to her, the more likely that she would survive another day. But unfortunately for her, her powers (something that she hardly knows she has) give her away to the wrong people. People who would kill her for simply being what she is. A Mistborn.

Luckily for her, she is saved by a band of misfits just in the nick of time and these misfits are planning something grand. Something that she doesn’t even think will work but they want her help. They feed her, cloth her and teach her but she still doesn’t know if she can trust them or whether they’re even sane. What is a girl to do?

Join a rebellion of course.

This book pushed ALL the right buttons for me.


5 out of 5 stars


8 thoughts on “The Final Empire – Book Review

  1. i definitely loved the “villain wins” aspect of this book. I’d never seen that in writing before It’s a major part of FFVI though. Your husband would totally know what I’m talking about! And that aspect made me respect it more. I had some issues with the book’s execution (as you already know), but I’m not giving up on Sanderson and have Warbreaker on my TBR list!

    1. After reading this, I put pretty much everything Sanderson has written on my TBR list lol. I have Warbreaker sitting on my shelf but I feel like I should finish the Mistborn original trilogy first. I also have The Way of Kings waiting as well, at 1000 pages that is going to take a commitment to sit and read. (Also, I swear I’m not stalking you either. I think we just check our blogs at the same times everyday lmao.)

      1. Lol! I get emails from my favorite bloggers so I don’t miss a post. I was checking my reader every day, but that got too overwhelming. I do try to reply to comments on a daily basis either on my phone on my computer in the evening. It’s crazy overwhelming to keep up with blogging though! I’ve started checking my email every other day and the reader/blogs along with it.

        I think I have The Way of Kings on my list, too. Have you read the Wheel of Time series? I ask because I know Sanderson finished it after Jordan died prior to doing so. I read The Eye of the World, but couldn’t get into the next one. I plan on rereading Eye and trying to do the series again because EVERYONE loves it so I feel like that one weird person who doesn’t like something popular. Plus it was years ago so I’m more mature, and I’ve given things I wasn’t super into another chance and come off loving them (Arrested Development is a good example of this).

      2. We may have a weird brain-link going on. I just started watching Arrested Development recently lol. (For the first time though.)
        I have not started The Wheel of Time series yet but I do have a couple of the books that I picked up at book sales on my TBR shelf. My boss has read them and highly recommends it even though it notoriously gets a little drawn out and boring the last several books before Jordan died. I think I’ll probably read it this winter. I do this thing I call “Winter of Epic Fantasy” every year because it’s Michigan and who the fuck wants to go outside in the blistering cold? Plus, somehow, the snow makes all the epic fantasies more whimsical to me.

      3. Ah I loved that show! It was one of my “didn’t like it/had no interest initially, but loved it later” things of which FFVII is another major one. So is Frozen and A Song of Ice and Fire and Harry Potter. Seriously, if I dislike something I should just give it another chance since most of my favorite things didn’t initially pique my interest. It’s ridiculous. I still need to watch Season 4 of AD.

        That sounds like a great freaking idea and omg that’s hilarious. Yes, I agree. I’m in Pennsylvania, but we’ve had epic snow the past couple of years, and while I actually love snow (speaking of whimsical fantasy, I romanticize the winter like whoa), it does get annoying to deal with too often. Thankfully, I have an SUV that can crush my enemies…including snowflakes. I’m sure you get lake effect snow (if you’re anywhere near the Great Lakes) so this is nothing new to you.

      4. Here it’s more blistering cold than snow. I lived a great deal of my life in northern lower Michigan (tip of the mitten) in what they call “the snow belt” that would get hammered with snow. So I can stand snow no problem but blistering cold pisses me off lol.
        I’m trying to think of things I hated initially and then came to love but it’s all food related lol.

      5. Look I’m a fat kid so I love cake. Nothing wrong with it being food related hehe. I hate being cold, but I think snow is pretty. I do get pissed off if there’s too much of it and I’m digging out every other day, but then again have that mighty vehicle that can just crush my enemies mwa ha ha.

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