The Long Way… – Book Review

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

5 out of 5 stars

I prepared for this novel by giving myself plenty of space to take detailed notes. I wanted to get it all down. The terminology, the science, the aliens, the world building, the characters. You name it, I was prepared to jot it down and dissect it later. Do you know what happened?

You hated it so much that you put it down and tried to conquer Guatemala?



Just kidding, no.

I became so intrigued and enjoyed myself so much that the only notes I wrote down were at the very beginning. Character names and their job aboard the ship. Then, it sucked me in like the black hole that it is. I read it, not a chapter at a time, but a hundred pages at a time.

The alien races were unique and cool sounding. I say cool because they weren’t just little green/gray/silver men with big bug eyes or something along those lines. Each race was well thought out both in appearance and culture.

Lest you think that it’s just a tale about great characters in a cool world with a slow plot and neat aliens, it also tackles social issues in such a classy way. I can’t even think of another word to describe it but classy. It blasts racism and homophobia in a classy way.


There is a warning to be had about this novel: If you are not someone who enjoys slow plot then don’t bother here. This is completely character driven and no apologies are to be made for that because it is awesome.

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