Emperor of Thorns – Book Review

The last novel in the Broken Empire Trilogy.

“It turns out I don’t listen to good advice even when I’m the one giving it.”


If I could have had one thousand guesses at how this series ended when I began it, I still would have been wrong.

I have taken a full 24 hours to absorb that ending and I still don’t even…

In a good way of course, because I loved this whole series.

I would love to break this down into bite sized samples for you but as usual, with this series in particular, I feel that I would be stealing away the magic from you. The world building is sublime and the plot twists and turns keep things interesting. You can never really guess what Jorg is going to do.

Which brings me to the fact that Jorg may be one of my favorite anti-heroes ever. I reveled in his ruthlessness and enjoyed all the violence. I am going to miss the cantankerous, pope-killing little bastard.

“I muttered the names to myself. I would hunt them down in hell.”

There’s a thing.

Good bye Jorg of Ancrath. Burner of worlds, part-time wielder of necromancy, child killer, killer, clever-little-fuck, emperor of twisted hearts everywhere. You bathed the paths of adventure in blood and guts, fire and ice, death and life.

You really knew how to throw a goddamn party.

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