Work Work Work It

Yesterday was my first day back to work after my stay-cation. It was bitter sweet. It taught me that I couldn’t be a housewife unless I had girlfriends to brunch with every couple of days and an animal rescue to volunteer at all the other days.

The positives were that I did get some house projects done that I’ve been putting off, I got to relax and have plenty of me-time and read some great books.

The downside was that I procrastinated on other projects that I could easily have completed as well but ultimately I decided….fuck it.

I did not miss work but it missed me apparently. My boss yakked my ear off and my coworker hugged me upon my return.



5 thoughts on “Work Work Work It

      1. Stupid adulting! I set aside time during the days when it’s necessary to “be an adult” aka bills/finances and whatnot, and then I’m done. Jobs do take up too much of our lives. I wish it was a 4/3 split between workdays and weekends. That would be so much fairer!

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