Walk On Earth a Stranger – Book Review

5 out of 5 stars

When I finished this book, I clutched it to my chest and complained loudly to my husband how upset I was that it was over. I still needed more. I wasn’t done with this journey. The next book isn’t out yet and it’s blasphemy. I can’t believe I borrowed it from the library instead of just buying it out right to have in my own personal collection. The injustices of it all go on and on.

Rae Carson, I both love and hate you right now.

This is the tale of the rush west for Gold during the mid-1800s, with a dash of fantasy thrown in. The blend is pure perfection.

If you’re cool enough (read old enough) this is the Oregon Trail brought to life. Now, that’s a comparison I read from another reviewer but it’s worth mentioning here because that is a solid comparison.

The Oregon Trail narrated by a strong, female lead. A girl that men keep trying to save or own, who won’t stand for it. She can hunt, grease axles, track and pan for gold with the best of them. Only she doesn’t have to pan for gold, because she has a sixth sense that tells her right where it is at all times. What better place to make it big than California? Surviving the trek to get there is the hard part.

Look, stop waiting for me to give you more reasons to read it. If you like westerns, historical fiction and fantasy, there is no way that you won’t love this.

Now, excuse me while I go pout in the corner until the next book comes out.



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