Glazed Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread


This is my first failed bread recipe.

Now it didn’t fail because of flavor but for several other reasons. First, I had to bake it for 15 minutes longer than what the recipe called for and when I tested it the stick came out clean. However, when I flipped it out of the bread ban, the center wasn’t cooked toward the bottom and it came spilling out. In an attempt to save it, I put everything back in and baked it for longer.


So now it’s ugly bread, but tastes fine. The second problem was that it just crumbles to pieces when you slice it and eat it.

Third, the glaze was gross. Way too sweet and the flavor just wasn’t there.

I do think that it would be a great recipe for muffins however. Recipe Here.

I had a little bit extra of the plain greek yogurt when I was done so the dogs got to enjoy a treat too. Samus couldn’t wait for it to plop in her bowl so she got a little on her head.



7 thoughts on “Glazed Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread

      1. I hate when food you expect to be good turns out bad. I feel like raging whenever I get bad cake. I’m picky about my icing. I only like buttercream and think that whipped nonsense is such a let down lol.

        You’re making me want to make a dessert this weekend. I have a crap ton of recipes on Pinterest. I haven’t made fudge in a while, and while microwave fudge may not be good enough for purists, it’s still delicious!

      2. The microwave variety are so super easy to make! Let me know if you decide to do so and I’ll do the same. There’s this chocolate chip cookie dough one that my taste buds are begging me to attempt.

  1. Yeah, I think this recipe in muffin form would be better for sure. And agreed, the glaze was “ew” but otherwise it had a pleasant flavor. 🙂 Haha, I wish I was good with photoshop because the “ugly bread” as you so affectionately dubbed it looks like it could use a necronomicon face plastered right on the top of it. 😛

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