King of Thorns – Book Review

Book 2 of the Broken Empire trilogy.

5 out of 5 stars

“I wanted to win. The throne was just a token to demonstrate that victory. And I wanted to win because other men had said that I may not. I wanted to fight because fighting ran through me. I gave less for the people than for the dung heap we rolled Makin in.”

By now, you should be well acquainted with Jorg of Ancrath. Recently, King Jorg of the Renar Highlands. He’s beginning to grow from temperamental, vengeful prince into temperamental, vengeful king hellbent on becoming emperor. It may not seem like much of a difference in the title but there is quite the difference in the character. The angry boy becomes an angry man, but there is such growth in such a dark character that you cannot helped but be riveted by his journey.

The story is set four years after Jorg takes the throne from his uncle, however it jumps back and forth between the present and the time shortly after he took the throne. In the present, he is coming to battle with the Prince of Arrows. A young, charming prince, whom everyone is merrily opening their doors for and allowing themselves to be conquered, because it has been foretold. But, if you know Jorg, and by now you should, no one tells Jorg to do anything. Well they do, but Jorg tends not to listen. Ever.

Using wit, a small amount of allies and secrets of the Builders, Jorg is tossing his hat into the ring. He intends to win or die trying. Typical Jorg fashion.

Builders you say? Yes I can finally speak of them. In my review of Prince of Thorns , I avoided the world building because I believed it would ruin the surprise for people. If you’ve made it this far, I’m safe from being a spoilsport.

The Builders is the term used for the ancestors who knew how to create mechanical and technologically savvy devices. You see, this is set a thousand years in the future after the modern day has fallen and the world has returned to medieval-like times. And that my friends, is a brilliant premise.

When I first started this series, I really wanted to hate Jorg. He had done horrible, unspeakable things. But much to my dismay, I quite adore him. I’ve loved his opposition to authority and his will to break any who stand in his way. He is vicious and I viciously love his viciousness. I care not if it makes sense to no one else.

“In fire and in blood I will bend them to my will, because this is a game with no rules, and I will be victorious if it beggars hell.”


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