Stay-cation Day Uno

Now, I’m not really going to blog about my stay-cation everyday. Nobody cares that much about the things I’m sitting around my house doing. However, today was not what I intended.

My intent for the week is to get my house in order. We plan on buying a house when our lease is up in a year. So I want to downsize and get everything that we don’t use on a regular basis, packed and ready to ship out at a moment’s notice.

Of course on day one, I wake up with a headache that refuses to vacate the premise. I won’t let that keep me down though, I’ll only be mildly productive and hopefully make up for it tomorrow.

So it’s laundry day and I walked my dogs this morning. That’s where things got a little weird and combative. As I rounded a corner walking my big boy Ozzy, an old woman and her Shih Tzu came out of their house and her dog instantly tries to fight mine. Ozzy doesn’t bat an eyelash because he knows he could eat it in one chomp. What surprises me is the conversation that follows:

Old woman: “I hope you have poop bags.”

Me: “Yeah I do.” (They were in my pocket.)

Old woman: “Because someone has been leaving big black turds in my yard.”

Me: “Well it wasn’t us.”

As if he timed it perfectly, Ozzy bends over and starts pooping right in front of her and I pull out my poop bags. She shut up right quick and walked away.

Now, some asshole lets their dog poop in my yard too and doesn’t pick it up but you don’t see me confronting random dog walkers on the street about it.



5 thoughts on “Stay-cation Day Uno

  1. How rude! >:I I am officially grumpy on your behalf. I’m glad Ozzy shut that lady up by offering her some proof that his owners are prepared to (and DO) pick up after him.

  2. I laughed harder than I’d like to admit about this. I’m not sure if it’s Ozzy pooping or the Pokemon. Either way, you don’t accuse unless you have some proof. Staycations are fantastic btw. I much prefer them to going anywhere and dealing with people, but I am a huge misanthrope. Also it saves money. Good luck on house buying!

    1. I’m just glad someone got a good laugh out of it! I was too annoyed to at the time but I’ve been praising Ozzy on his poop timing all day. 😛
      I do enjoy the time at home and saving money but I have the travel itch! But it’s scratch that itch or buy a house in a year which will actually save me money to go on more trips. So for the next year I’ll just have to stick to mini-trips to surrounding areas.

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