Hybrid Blog

Hybrid: of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this blog bounces from topic to topic. As a person, I just cannot commit myself to any one thing. There is just too much in the universe that I enjoy. Books are at the top of that list and I could talk about them frequently, however why not talk about all the other things I enjoy too. No single person out there is all about just one thing. There is a whole grand world out there! So if you stay following this blog, we’ll explore it together.


And now you have evidence that I like cheesy fucking jokes.

Now, this is not to trash a single person who blogs about one topic. I follow those sexy blogs too. I just feel like some people follow this blog because they expect me to just post awesome baking recipes or pet pics or gardening or book reviews. I will give you all of those things.

Just don’t expect one topic. It’s just not in me. As it is, I’m not even remotely human until I’ve had my coffee. Not a single blog post happens until I’ve finished that first cup.





7 thoughts on “Hybrid Blog

  1. Ah I was just thinking about this because I was wondering whether or not to split my blog and/or how I’d even do that. I do a lot of book reviews; they’re my bread and butter, get me likes, comments, and some follows. I’ve got a backlog of them to still get through, and they stir up some good discussion, but I also post/talk about original stories and fanfiction (which is still kind of bookish since it’s writing), do some movie reviews, and talk about and review video games. There’s also the essays and whatnot so yeah it’s a mishmash. I figure my followers may not like everything I post, but there’s something for everyone, and I actually like bloggers who do a variety! I like single subject, too, but if I like a blogger’s style, I’ve no problem seeing that style in different subjects 😊

    1. Very good points about different subjects getting you more views and likes. I don’t know why, but I just kind of felt the need for a disclaimer this morning. I originally began this blog to rant about things that drove me crazy four years ago. It’s safe to say that I’ve mellowed out quite a bit and while I’m sure I’ll rant now and again, mostly I just want to talk about neat stuff. 🙂 It’s your blog, do what makes you happy!

  2. I rather enjoy your random medley of posts. 🙂 Never know quite what I’m gonna read in your blog, so it’s like a fun little surprise every time. I’ve mostly been using mine as a hub for creativity on writing and such but I’m sure I’ll branch out once in a while too. As long as you keep posting I’ll keep reading, no matter what you choose to write/rant about! 😉

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