Cracked – Book Review

Disclaimer: YA is not a genre that I’m really into anymore. This is probably why this didn’t get a 4 or 5 star rating from me. If you enjoy that genre, you’ll probably love this.


“Yes, I did just give love advice with a fist full of demon guts.”

A solid 3.5 stars.

Meda isn’t sure what she is, not 100% anyway. What she does know is that every couple of weeks, she eats a soul. Bad souls only. This little soul eating monster has a conscience or least the resemblance of one that her mother tried very hard to instill in her. Through her quest to eat one of these bad souls, she discovers that the Templars still exist. They fight to destroy demons or at least keep them from destroying ‘beacons’ or people who are going to do good things for the world. Meda is mistaken for one of these people and they take her under their wing. They don’t know that she eats souls, that’s a demon thing and she damn well better keep her mouth shut about it if she’s going to walk out of the lion’s den.

Problem is, Meda likes a couple of them. Despite her best efforts to remain heartless, the friendships begin to creep in. When demons (her potential kind) and Templars (a kind she is growing to like) collide, where will Meda stand?

This book and I had a complex relationship. It kept courting me and I kept denying it my heart. Why? I just don’t know where I stand with the YA genre anymore. By all rights this is a good, solid book. The main character was great. A sarcastic little wench with self-preservation at the fore front. The world building, while not as complex as my usual fair, was good. The story line was unique and it avoided many YA tropes. But despite all these things, I just couldn’t let myself love it.

So, I stand on a wobbly fence about whether I would continue the series or not.


8 thoughts on “Cracked – Book Review

  1. It does sound interesting! But yeah, that’s my issue with the YA genre. I get kind of tired of the snarky, teenage characters. It seems to be the standard YA fare. It’s ironic because my favorite standalone in YA, The Fault in Our Stars, but they’re not snarky in it; they have Dawson’s Creek Syndrome hehe.

    I think I might add this to my TBR list and maybe download a Kindle sample. It sounds interesting enough for that kind of a try.

    1. The ending was much better than the beginning (although the beginning wasn’t bad just a little bland), and I had a better time towards the end. If it’s set in high school for any period of time, I tend to be put off. I’m 11 years past high school and it just holds no magic as a setting for me. I would recommend giving that sample chapter a try though.

      1. I think I can deal with Harry Potter because I started reading it while in college. I’m not sure how I’d feel about it now lol.

        I will! I should start making a list of samples to download or maybe include that on my State of the Reader posts hm.

      2. I’m thinking of doing the same thing! I used to re-read a lot more when I was younger when I had the time. I have a list of to-reread books on my GR list, but I have so many TBR (firsts) that I can’t even consider that! I want to reread and review one of my favorite stories Deerskin before the year is out. If I make my 20 books goal, I might give myself that treat lol.

        HP and Hunger Games are my go to YAs when I think of the best from that genre, though many people give Rowling flak for her writing in the former. I don’t get that, but to each their own.

      3. I don’t know that I have ever done a re-read so it would interesting in and of itself. Plus, I haven’t read HP since I was gifted the first 4 books when I was 13, I’m 29 now. Also, I added you on GR since you said to do it at the top of your post. 😉

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