Prince of Thorns – Book Review

I recently finished the entire trilogy so I thought I would post my reviews of each over the next several weeks.

4 out of 5 stars

I rode into this story with my armor on, astride my mighty warsteed, ready for some epic fantasy style battle.


Turns out that this isn’t an epic fantasy….yet it IS an epic fantasy and then some.

It was a mish-mash of genres and it worked very well together. I don’t want to specify which genres because I feel that takes away some of the surprise. Well…all of the surprise because I didn’t see it coming from a mile away.

This book was fresh, just like the prince.


Except if the fresh prince of Bel Air were like Prince Jorg here, then Bel Air would be terrorized by a vengeful psychopath that murdered and raped and tortured whenever the mood hit him. City blocks would be leveled and all the criminals would join Jorg’s crew because he was the toughest mother fucker around. Or at least the craziest. Most people know better than to poke the crazy guy.

Jorg has a natural opposition to authority. It’s a reflex to do the opposite of whatever anyone tries to tell him to do. If you tell Jorg to do something he’s going to do what he feels like instead and spit in your face while he does it. Or stab you. He likes the stabbing and the killing, a lot.

Jorg will sacrifice anyone, ANYONE, to get what he wants. No regrets. What does he want? Revenge to begin with. Revenge on the lord that had his men rape and kill his mother and dash his baby brother’s head against a stone. He leaves the kingdom he was born into and joins common criminals during their escape to travel the countryside. He’s roughly 9 years old at this point. Over the years, he hones his skills and learns to kill easily with no remorse. By this time he’s 14 and he’s running this merry band of thugs.

He turns his group towards home to confront his father and new stepmother only to find out that his brain has been piloted by a witchdoctor for many years. What do you do when you discover someone has been controlling your every whim and idea? Break everything of course. What do you do when you’re stabbed in the stomach by family? Rise from the dead and bring hell down upon them.

You don’t betray Jorg and his band of homicidal deviants and live to tell about it.

“Makin always told jokes. He’d tell them to those as he killed, if they gave him time. Liked to see them go out with a smile.”


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