Night Broken – Book Review

This whole story convinced me that Mercy Thompson Hauptman is, and will always be, a better woman than I am. Because, I would not have dealt with my husband’s ex-wife trying to weave her way back into a life she gave up. Her ass wouldn’t get in the front door, I don’t care if she was in imminent danger. My husband doesn’t even have an ex-wife for me to hate and I still feel this way. Mercy is made of steel and I am not. I can accept this.

However, it’s not just a bitter ex-wife that she has to deal with on top of already complex pack relations, but a fire demon-god dent on destruction if said ex-wife is not returned to him, for he is madly in love with her. Some people can’t get past one night stands, elemental fire gods being one of those apparently.

Just a day in the life of one, Mercy Thompson Hauptman. I would almost want to be her if it weren’t for the constant almost dying.

Every time I think this series can’t top the previous book, Briggs proves me wrong. It’s almost like she has a personal vendetta against me…


Note: This is one of my all-time favorite UF series. Hands down, pants down.


3 thoughts on “Night Broken – Book Review

    1. I’ve tried to not rush through the series so that I could savor it for longer and not be waiting up to 2 years in between books. Although they are so addictive (and short) that it’s not to run out and get the next one immediately!

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