I always guesstimate when chatting with people how many books in my house and ebooks on my Kindle I have waiting to be read. This morning, curiosity finally trapped the goddamn feral cat and I counted.

71 physical books

18 ebooks

It’s safe to say that when talking to people, I was low-balling my guess.

Who do I have to blame for this? Everyone. The used book shops that sell books dirt cheap, book fundraisers I find on the side of the road and of course, people usually get me books for holidays.

It’s a fan-fucking-tastic problem to have. Especially since, recently, my husband informed me that our bedroom smells like books. Mission accomplished, now onto the rest of the house.



2 thoughts on “TBR

  1. I sympathize. I don’t think my queue is as long as yours, but I recently started looking for books and authors from Appendix N and some other nerdy book lists, and now I have a stack of used books in my bedroom next to the newer books I already had lined up.

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