The Warded Man – Book Review

5 out of 5 stars

This book sat on my shelf for over a year. If I could go back in time, I would bitch smack myself, follow it up with a solid back hand and a, “Bitch what were you thinking?!”

The story follows three characters from three different paths in life. Arlen, farmer’s son turned warrior. Leesha, who went from future wife and mother to Herb Gatherer (healer). And Rojer, a small hamlet boy to Jongleur (jester/musician).

The back story and character progression is phenomenal. It is what I loved the most about the book. The plot line and world-building are fantastic as well but it was the characters that really drew me in. A strong female character was a winning point as well.

Their world is infested with demons by night. Or corelings as they call them. Once man fought them and won. They became lazy and forgot how they even fought let alone defeated demons, until the demons came back with vengeance and now work heavily to destroy the human race. Only day time is safe and the humans wards keep the demons out at night, but they don’t actively fight the threat. They just survive.

When you don’t fight back, you can only survive for so long. Human numbers continue to dwindle and only our three heroes can turn the tides of war.



2 thoughts on “The Warded Man – Book Review

  1. Ya know, you’re reeeeaaallllyyyyy not helping my “to-read” list get any shorter, lady! (I guess I can forgive you though since you always make good recommendations!) 😛

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