Simply the Best

Thanks to my coworkers on my birthday earlier this year, my reading has been revolutionized.

Let’s talk book marks. The constant companion to books. The Thelma to their Louise. Where one goes the other must follow. Unless you dog-ear your books, then just…how fucking dare you. But that’s another debacle for another day. I will submit that the most important thing is that you read either way. Just know, that you are a monster.

Anywho, back to the matter at hand. Book marks. There are big ones, small ones, ones with tassels, ones with clips, and some are simply the nearest scrap of paper one could find to mark their spot. The point is, there is a large variety. But friends, I have discovered the best one to ever exist.

The magnetic book mark. Each side is a magnet that clasps the page.


The biggest problem I have with all other book marks is that, despite your best efforts, those bitches like to fall out. Metal clips can bend and even tear pages, not mention tend to be bulky and obnoxious.

But the magnet book mark is the perfect tool. It keeps snug to its spot and does not slid out. It’s unobtrusive. It doesn’t bend pages. Though, if you pulled it out fast enough it may tear a page, but try not to be a dick to your books and you’ll soon fall in love.


I can never go back. I have literally dozens of book marks, but these are the only ones I care about now. If they ever stop making them, I riot.

Currently reading: The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett.


4 thoughts on “Simply the Best

  1. Not to mention the Grumpy Cat ones are seriously adorable. 🙂 I’ll have to get my hands on some magnetic book marks sometime. I’m notorious for the nearest-scrap-of-paper method you mentioned. 😛

  2. I also got a magnetic book mark as a gift a few years and felt equally passionate about them. Why did it take such a long time to create these? You can also make them yourself if you are feeling crafty!

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