I Am Cupcakes Wild Glee

I made a goal for myself this year. Meet more authors, because reading is like breathing for me and I could care less about meeting some random celebrity. Authors are my celebrities, the real heroes, humans worthy of a little bit of worship. And this author, I’ve been waiting 13 to 14 years to meet him. He scolded me for using ‘the f-bomb’ (pot calling the kettle black) and put me in a choke hold. Not to mention signed three books and took a picture with me. He was genuinely a nice guy and a lot of fun. If a human could be your spirit animal, he would be mine. He’s my spirit author. I’m making that a thing.

I mean, did your favorite author sign books barefoot and then put you in a headlock?


Not only did he sign multiple things for everyone, he wrote cute little notes in each. Now that is an awesome guy.


If you haven’t missed the Fight Club 2 book tour yet, you need to get your asses out there and show Chuck some love.



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