Monthly Archives: June 2016


It’s so cute how in my last blog post I was all, “I know, I know! I’ve been so vacant on here.” Now it’s been four years since I’ve posted, but I’ve come back to you my sweet, sweet WordPress! This resurrection feels so…so, resurrectiony? Erectiony?

Alas, how is it that I still have 13 followers? Laziness. That’s my guess. I’ve been incredibly lazy so it’s not like I have any room to judge.

So like a phoenix from the flame, I rise again to bitch and rant and rage. But also, to do book reviews. Because my god, dear followers do I enjoy reviewing books. Not nearly as much as reading them of course, but a girl has to have a few hobbies. There will probably be lots of pictures of my dogs as well. Maybe my cat when she isn’t being a fuckhead.

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