Nerd Rage

Finding a girl that enjoys playing video games is rare. Finding a hot girl that plays video games is one in a million.

Perhaps it is this reason that leads me hate virtually every girl gamer I’ve met. Reasons listed below:

1. They think just because they’re a girl and play video games, it automatically means they’re the coolest girl ever.

2. They frequently use the fact that they have a vagina to get attention from random creeps online. And giggle happily about it.

3. 95% of the time they suck at the game. Focus on my vagina, forget game mechanics!

4. They think all other girl gamers want to be BFFs and “Us girls gotta stick together!”


Consequently, the other option is girls that don’t play any video games. Nagging ensues…..boy is miserable…….girl makes boy choose between the two……girl loses.

The couple that games together, stays together.

Or at least that’s my logic. Now fuck off, it’s time to play some World of Warcraft.

6 thoughts on “Nerd Rage

  1. Yeah, that crap is annoying. Same thing happens with comics too. Hot chick wants attention so she throws on some batman panties and takes a bunch of photos to post on facebook for people to drool over their hotness when a lot of the time they know virtually nothing about the comics (just saw this very thing recently). I’ve also never understood the need to be like “hehe I’m a girl gamer!”. It’s like, yeah, you’ve got boobs, congrats. We get it. Just say you’re a gamer and get over yourself.

  2. I completely understand what you’re saying with this. If it doesn’t automatically come up on your profile, there’s no need to admit you’re a girl, and most of the time people who do want some kind of award for being born with a vagina. – Steph

    1. It’s also one of the reasons why I hate getting into Vent. Because the whole group now knows your a girl (if you need to talk at all that is) and now the discussion turns to how you’re all gonna lose because someone with a vagina joined the party. Thank you terrible girl gamers everywhere for that one!

  3. Completely agree, just because they are a gamer and happen to be a girl does NOT make them the coolest person ever, they need to get over the whole ‘look at me, I’m playing a game TEEHEE!’ and maybe actually concentrate on the actual game like most gamers do! Hell, if they do that they might even become good at it! I know a girl who brags no end to everyone that she is a ‘girl gamer’, and has guys drooling over the fact she is good looking and that she is ‘obsessed’ with games, but upon asking her about the current game she was playing, I found that while she had been playing it, all she had been doing was pressing random buttons during battle scenes to make things happen, but then inbetween that when the storyline was unfolding and key plot points were introduced, she was too busy on her phone updating her facebook status about how ‘nerdy’ she is! So needless to say she knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about any aspect of the game, she was literally just playing it so she could say she is a gamer with a vagina -_- I hate women sometimes, I really do 🙂

    1. I am really happy I’m not the only one who rages so hard about this lol. I was forced to sit next to a “girl gamer” while waiting for the release of Wrath of the Lich King and of course, because I was a girl, we just HAD to talk. Which I don’t mind meeting new people. I mind meeting new dumb people. Anyway, we both happened to play shadow priests and the more we talked the more I realized she had no idea how to play one. After awhile she stopped talking to me because apparently she didn’t like learning that she was wrong about pretty much all the raid mechanics. She actually complained about how hard it was to not stand in fire. -.- I don’t why I kept trying after hearing that lol.

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